What can it all mean?

I have a The Force Awakens poster in my office. (I'm an academic - loosely speaking - so my office can reflect my fandoms, not my politics, but definitely my fandoms.) I'm sure you're familiar with it, but here it is as a refresher: I noticed a few things as I was staring at it, but … Continue reading What can it all mean?

Ren and Redemption

You've already seen it; you likely thought to yourself as it was happening the first time: This is not going to go well. Kylo Ren faced his father on a narrow bridge, miles from the bottom of a pit with no handrails. You can admit it - the dread was gnawing at your stomach and … Continue reading Ren and Redemption

Tense and Person.

I need to preface this post by saying that I'm simply kvetching about a personal pet peeve of mine. Please take it as such. So...on to the post! Y'all. What is going on? Why are authors writing their novels in the present tense? I've seen it in self-published novels, in fanfiction, and in works published by … Continue reading Tense and Person.


What makes you a member of a fandom? I'm pretty sure that I'm a bonafide member of the Harry Potter fandom. I'm (still) not convinced that Pottermore and the rest of the sorting quizzes have sorted me properly into Gryffindor, but I have friends who say it's the right placement. I have sneaking suspicion that … Continue reading Fandoms!