What’s permissible?

Seriously, what’s permissible in fiction writing?

I want to take up the NaNoWriMo challenge this year.

Sounds good, right? Pick up the old laptop and start banging out a plot from which to write when November rolls around. But….

I’m frozen. What if what I come with something that is “wrong?” Am I being sexist, fascist, ableist, anti-feminist, racist? What if my efforts produce something that doesn’t meet the standards of society? What if my arranged marriage is dub-con? No, I don’t believe that – arranged marriages are not dub-con by default.

How do I write an interesting story without offending half of the people who read it?

It’s terrifying. Stultifying. Paralyzing.

So here I sit with a blank page and the first name of the hero.


It’s Wells, in case you’re curious.


3 thoughts on “What’s permissible?

  1. Ianthe says:

    I honestly think that you have to go with your gut on this one. No matter what you write, or how inclusive you try to be, there will always be one person who says “well that didn’t include someone like me”. Unfortunately, a mess is what happens when you try to include every group, be it members of a community you have no experience of, or a religion you have a passing understanding of. You can almost guarantee there will be stereotypes and cardboard characters who are never properly fleshed out on the page.

    You’re never going to please everyone, but I have recently taken to heart the “write for yourself” maxim. If everyone went by the needs of every single reader then nothing would ever get written.

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    • Ianthe says:

      It is a little new, but you can do this. It’s perfectly normal to be overwhelmed when you sign up for something like this; there is time to get a plan in place and start fleshing out Wells and everyone else, even if they remain nameless until the day.

      You’ve got this, and I’m not just saying that, I really believe it.

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