A Podcast, you say?

Yes, I say. That's it...That's my next venture. My BFF of years, (let's just say that we are Gen Xers, and we have been friends since middle school) and I am starting a podcast! We believe that we have things to say. How conceited of us. In all seriousness, we think there's a space for … Continue reading A Podcast, you say?

Let’s Talk About Han

Yep. The man himself. Han Solo. Whether the name is uttered in guttural Huttese or shouted across a castle by a small alien with large eyes, the name evokes so much emotion in long-time Star Wars fans. He's a dashing smuggler with well-tuned (but not that well-tuned) survival skills. You get the feeling he's a Hufflepuff … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Han