TLJ: Instant Reactions

I wanted to love it. I really wanted to.

But I liked it instead.

It was a good movie; it really was.

Spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you don’t want spoilers.

I warned you. Spoilers ahead….



Things that are canon:

Reylo. If you don’t like Reylo, you are going to need to suck that up because that’s what we got. Reylo. Shirtless Kylo (who doesn’t cover up when flustered Rey asks him to); intimate hand touching (that was a non-sex sex scene, in case you missed it, and an ancient marriage ceremony); a proposal to rule the galaxy at his side. Let’s do that math: if he’s the Ren-peror, then that would make her the Ren-peress. You know, a couple. They ended this movie apart. But I don’t think they will end Episode 9 apart.

Snoke is a child abuser. He found and manipulated Ben Solo for basically his entire life. Equally as disturbing: Han, Leia, and Luke failed to protect Ben from this creepy AF predator. But Ben killed the creature that abused him, so Ben saved himself. Maybe in Episode 9 we’ll see that matter.

Luke contemplated murdering his own nephew in his sleep, going so far as to light his lightsaber over the unconscious Ben’s body. He said it was instinct. F that noise. He’s your nephew, Luke. Your NEPHEW. You definitely failed him. But, you can make up for it. Be the Force Ghost he needs in Episode 9.

Ben Solo and Rey are both possessors of Raw power. Luke even says it straight out: “I’ve only seen this kind of raw strength once before in my nephew Ben Solo.” I hope that becomes important in Episode 9.

Rose Tico is freaking amazing, and she has the most important line in the movie: “It’s not about killing who you hate; it’s about saving who you love.” I hope that’s the theme for Episode 9.

Finn and Rey are friends. Just friends. But Reylos, John Boyega, and Daisy Ridley have been saying that for two years. I fully expect that to be hammered home in Episode 9 for anyone who missed the actual kiss between Rose and Finn.

There’s more, but that’s the stuff I really cared about. So much happened in this movie. I can’t even process it all. I have to see it again.

I will say this: I already have predictions for 9. Ben will be redeemed and he will end the trilogy as the (romantic) partner of Rey.

That’s my ship, and I will go down with it.



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