Snoke, Kylo, Rey and TLJ

*Spoilers abound*



Major spoilers, turn back now if you have not seen this movie.


The throne room, draped in red, guards virtually invisible against the violent backdrop. A tall, mishapen alien lounging on a throne with a golden robe.

Say what you like about that gross child predator, he does have a flair for the dramatic. And let’s be honest – he deserved what he got. Just thinking about him makes me cringe. How I hate him.

On a Star Wars forum not so far from here, someone posed the question of whether or not Kylo/Ben planned to kill Snoke as he and Rey were riding the elevator to the throne room.

As a side note: did anyone else get the sense they would have been kissing each other if that ride had been just a smidge longer? Talk about an awkward moment if the door opened on that. Oh, and when Ben and Rey were holding hands in the hut that Luke blew up? Ha! I felt like she could have pulled him to the island. And if they were already holding hands (bare hands!) nothing could have stopped something much more – let’s call it overtly sexual – from happening. But I digress.

Here was my response to the question of the pre-meditated nature of Snoke’s death:

First of all, I think Snoke is full of sith. I think he sensed the bond between Rey and Kylo, but he certainly didn’t create it (that was the Force) and perhaps he was able to facilitate it, but beyond that? Nope. And it’s still there.
With regards to Kylo’s determination to kill Snoke – I think Rey forced him to move up his timeline. When she arrived, she gave him no choice but to take her to Snoke. Snoke certainly knew she was on board the ship. What else could he do? He had to take her there.
Now, I think he planned to do away with Snoke when the time was right, but the truth is, and this is Snoke’s fatal error, when faced with a choice between Snoke and Rey, he’s going with Rey.
She’s the first person to see him as he is, to listen to him, to try to understand him, to see Ben Solo beneath the Kylo Ren mask. And how he really hates that mask. And she reached out to him and grasped his hand. How many people have done that for him in the last six years or so? This is a man starved for affection, love, and attention. He’s a man who needs her. I think he already loves her.
Then, Snoke demands that he kill her. That’s not going to happen. And he sees his opportunity with the lightsaber. So, while he may not have planned to kill Snoke on the way to the throne room, I think he was resolved to do whatever he needed to do to make it out of that throne room with Rey. And if she didn’t make it out, I doubt he would have either.
In short, he knew he’d do it one day, and when the opportunity presented itself, he took it.

What say you, my friends? Was it premeditated? Was it spur of the moment? Am I thinking too much about this? Or are you still thinking she’s his sister or cousin? (Yes, I’ve heard that one since the movie came out….)


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