“Say When” Podcast…


Y’all…it’s up on I-tunes as well as Soundcloud now. Our second episode, which we recorded before The Last Jedi dropped deals with our interpretation of The Force Awakens and Reylo. Because I’m me. And I’ve been on board this ship for months; at this point, I’m riding it into the sunset.

Don’t even send a lifeboat; I will go down with this ship.

Find us here and on I-tunes (just search for Say When) Say When Podcast on Soundcloud 


2 thoughts on ““Say When” Podcast…

  1. emmasrandomthoughts says:

    I am listening to the podcast now. It’s really good! I am the same, I left the The Force Awakens thinking FinnRey. Finn was my favorite of the new characters, though they have never really utilized him to his full potential. I came around to Reylo because it made sense of elements of the story that I had seen and that did not make sense until I looked at the film with a Reyo interpretation.

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