Darkness Rises and the Light to Meet It

I recently published a brief post, The Star Wars Head Fake, in which I discussed my perception of what the Star Wars movies were about. The TL;DR: The Prequel and Original Trilogies were actually about Anakin and his redemption. The Sequel Trilogy is about Ben (aka Kylo Ren) and his redemption. Emma's Random Thoughts was kind enough … Continue reading Darkness Rises and the Light to Meet It

Visions and Inevitability

So, tonight I finally sat down to watch The Last Jedi on DVD. I’ve had it for ages, but finding the time to watch it - well, it just hasn’t been there. This viewing brought me to a conclusion: Inevitability. Stick with me. Force visions in Star Wars always come true. They do, right? Has … Continue reading Visions and Inevitability