Visions and Inevitability

So, tonight I finally sat down to watch The Last Jedi on DVD. I’ve had it for ages, but finding the time to watch it – well, it just hasn’t been there.

This viewing brought me to a conclusion: Inevitability.

Stick with me.

Force visions in Star Wars always come true. They do, right? Has there ever been an actual vision that hasn’t come true? I cannot think of a single vision that has not come true from some perspective. A true Force vision will inevitably come true, no matter what a character does to try to circumvent it, and often the attempt to circumvent it leads to the inevitable truth of the vision. A sample: Anakin has visions of his mother, dying. She does. He has a vision of Padme dying in childbirth. She does. Which visions haven’t come true? I can’t think of one that hasn’t.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

There were two visions to address in this movie.

1) Luke sees that Ben’s heart was dark and that Ben would bring about the destruction of all he loved. Well, that’s true – from a certain point of view (see what I did there?) But Ben, as Rey rather fiercely informs Luke, had not yet made up his mind. Luke, by drawing the lightsaber and igniting it (which a Jedi only does when someone is going to die) creates Kylo Ren, thereby bringing about the destruction of what Luke loved – his Jedi training temple, his best friend, his connection to the Force…you get the picture.

2) Rey’s vision – she says that if she goes to Ben, he will turn and that she saw his future, the shape of it, solid and clear. That he’d return to the Light. So, she goes to him, and he doesn’t turn back to the Light, but he does kill Snoke. And without Snoke’s insidious voice in his head, confusing the poor, tortured boy he actually has a shot at finding redemption and balance. But he only kills Snoke because Snoke is going to kill Rey. So by going to Kylo/Ben, she ensures that Snoke will die. Her compassion for him and his for her (read: Reylo) is the key to it.

This is the cosmic Force at play, ladies and gentlemen.

Conclusion: Since Force visions always come true, Ben Solo will turn back to the Light and that will turn the tide. Rendemption is endgame.

I hope.


2 thoughts on “Visions and Inevitability

  1. emmasrandomthoughts says:

    I think you are correct. Force visions are like the oracles at Delphi. They are usually correct, but they are frequently misinterpreted. I also think that you are correct. It is worth questioning whether or not the Force Visions would come true if they were not believed. Would Padme have died in childbirth if Anakin hasn’t believed the visions? Would Oedipus have killed his father and married his mother of he hadn’t heard the vision?


  2. palmettosdesk says:

    I agree. It’s very clear in TLJ novelization that Rey comes to realize that her mistake was thinking that Kylo/Ben’s choice would be easy. That’s not a direct quote, but it’s pretty darn close. Regardless, I still think that the vision will come true, but not in the time frame in which she expected.


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