Cogitations and percolations….

*Taps microphone.

Ahem…anyone out there? This is a bit of a placeholder, I’m afraid. Just trying to get a feel for this program and such. I think I might make a post with list of fics that I think are worth your time. Not today, of course, but at some point. Today, I have thoughts about writers’ block. Have you ever had that? Heaven knows I have. My muse, the dapper “don’t call me Reggie” Reginald has been noticeably absent in recent months. I suppose that calling him Reggie actually did send him off in a tiff.


Well, he did warn me. Should you see the Jack Daniels soaked fellow in a seersucker suit (blue of course) with an old-fashioned glass in his hand, please send him ’round to me. We have work to do.

In all seriousness, I have found that if I can carve out time to actually sit down and start to write – anything at all – then I have something to say. It’s the ‘carving out the time’ bit poses a challenge. And finding the energy, the ‘want to.’ That’s the other necessary piece. But my point remains the same. If I can sit down and start typing, I’ll have some sand to shovel in the sand box. And from the sand that I toss in the box, then I can create something. And that’s my only point: just sit down and start writing. Anything at all. You’d be surprised at what you might create. The other thing I find helpful? Talk to friends and other literary types who are willing to indulge in you in your flights of fancy. They can help more than you know. For this, I suggest Google docs, especially if you can ‘talk’ with your collaborators at the same time. You have interaction and a written record. It’s a win all around. And sometimes, I even make an outline. It helps me to know where I’m going so I don’t get lost along the way.

In case you’re curious: I’ve recently started thinking about an original work. So far, I have some names, vocations, and a notion of an insipid plot. Seriously, it sounds like a Harlequin romance. I plan to tackle it during NaNo. And in the meantime, Harry and Hermione are still here, in full Regency dress, tapping their wands impatiently against their thighs, waiting for me to get on with their story. Say You Will is my next story from the Harry Potter-verse. I hope to start publication one day soon.

Perhaps you’ll read along with me.



4 thoughts on “Cogitations and percolations….

  1. Bespoke Affinity says:

    Look at you, all bloggerly and writing towards publication! I’m proud to know you, Blue 💖. Meet up on a Gdoc sometime — say you will? 😉.


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